27 March 2019 Sunny System

Taxes, Enea and VAT during 2019

Tax deduction of 50% for building renovations can also be applied for the installation of photovoltaic systems.During 2019 you could take advantage of 50% tax deduction for expenses within 96 thousand euros spent. The extension is valid both for works on the single building units and for renovation of the common parts in condominium buildings.The Maneuver for 2019 regarding the energy redevelopment of buildings has also provided that you must send Enea some data relating to the type of works carried out: Enea will automatically prepare a document you should print or save about the building object of the works with the relative tax deductions. You should enroll yourself on the website www.enea.it and write the property data and the works.In addition, for building restoration works and also for photovoltaic systems it is possible to take advantage of the 10% reduced rate (VAT). So what are you waiting for ?? Call us for a free quote!