The word domotics comes from the union of two ancient words, “Domus”, house in Latin and “ticos”, a Greek suffix that indicates the study of technologies designed to improve the quality of life.

Therefore, a dip in the past contrasted with a very high dive into the present and the future. Sunny System does not only install electrical or photovoltaic systems, but manages to perfectly combine innovative technologies with our everyday routine.

Let’s think, for example, about that simple and repeated daily press gesture to turn on a light. That same gesture, thanks to Sunny System and home automation, could become something obsolete, something no longer necessary.

Sunny System can create in your home or wherever you need or you like it a non-traditional but domotic electrical system. Thus, you could directly interact with your home through a dedicated app, thanks to your tablet or smartphone, in this way you will be able to check your new system. In fact, you could create scenarios, program the lighting of the lights or let the application access to your geo location. In this way the app will be able to perceive, for example, the proximity of your car to the driveway so that a series of lights may accompany you and light up your passage. Sunny System will undoubtedly provide you with all the ideas or necessary explanations to have the latest system at your home.

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