Safety, from the Latin “sine cura”, (without concern) is a word that we very often say, especially in recent years where the environment has rapidly changed, leaving ample space for our fears and concerns.

Sunny System does not only install electrical or photovoltaic systems, but also takes care of our security thanks to alarm and video surveillance systems. At Sunny System, you will find a wide selection of security systems, according to your needs. Hikvision cameras guarantee excellent product quality, easy to install. We are talking about products with fixed or vari-focal optics, IP, thermal or analog cameras, many features for various needs.

Therefore, thanks to a monitor and from the comfort of your home, you could control every movement inside or outside your home / shop / warehouse or garden. Furthermore, if  you always want to feel comfortable, then you may install an application on your smartphone ables to control even from a distance what happens during your absence. If you are looking for more safety, Sunny System will also be able to offer you excellent alarm systems, such as those :Hager Logisty, based on wireless technology, where advanced systems allow you to fully enjoy the tranquility. Motion detectors positioned at the most sensitive points in the home and with different features will be able to identify any movement within their range of action.

Here too, for people who exploit all the technical possibilities, you will find a dedicated app in order to control your burglar alarm. Sunny System will be very pleased to welcome and present you the proper safety system.

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