Sunny System is a company, which offers you a wide range of services since 2006, but it goes back a long way. Actually, it was born and grown thanks to the organizational skills and dedication of its owner, Giordano Ceccarelli.

As soon as he finished his studies at the Istituto F.Redi in Montepulciano in 1999 and he obtained a Diploma as Accountant and Commercial Expert, he immediately found himself working in the electrical systems sector as an employee. Giordano was truly passionate about this work, so he decided to enroll in the Institute I.P.S.I.A. G. Marconi in Chiusi in order to achieve the title of Technician in Electrical Industries in 2005, which allowed him to open his own company. In 2006, Sunny System Company was born with great pride that, like a child, takes its first steps into world of electrical systems.

Obviously, as its name suggests, the photovoltaic systems do not have a secondary role, but they occupy a large part of the realizations, which Sunny System has undertaken over the years. That is because photovoltaic is a very important field together with that of security and home automation. Thus, Sunny System is not just a company that puts in electrical systems, but it is able to face with the most modern technologies used for many types of projects and renovations.

The challenge of Giordano has been great, he has managed to give birth and to grow in full force a small company which today counts 5 employees. The Company has its own means of transport, warehouses and an open daily office so that the customer has always a point of reference for his needs. The owner, in addition to supervising all the work sites personally, keeps on his vocational training by taking part in various training courses throughout the year; in this way, he always offers an increasingly performing service.

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