A photovoltaic system uses solar energy to create additional energy, with no negative effects on the environment, actually using just renewable energy sources.

In recent years we talk a lot about protection of nature, we are more and more attentive to what we eat, to use non-artificial products or waste sorting. We are trying, somehow, to help the environment and not to cause further damages; photovoltaics, fully embraces this way of life and allows the creation of energy, also obtaining a personal gain.

Sunny System does not only install electrical systems, but also thanks to Giordano’s experience and to the entire team, it is able to transform your roofs into solar receptors that will create useful energy thanks to an inverter. Sunny System, for its installations, assembles only certified European products in order to guarantee optimal performance and assistance.

The investment in a photovoltaic system allows individuals to have 50% tax deductions and considerable savings on the electricity bill; this means that over 8-10 years you will have repaid the initial cost. The photovoltaic system lifetime is about 30 years and over. Sunny System becomes the promoter of this new way of creating energy, fully supporting the cause of renewable energy.

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