12 June 2018 Sunny System

Sunny System and Isidoro

Thanks to Isidoro (www.isidorosystem.com), you could protect your photovoltaic systems from the proliferation of birds.How does this device work? We are dealing with universal barriers, equipped with combs applied to the profile of the solar panels. The presence of such combs prevents the bird from settling below the panels and then nesting there. Isidoro respects the animals and being a mechanical device does not need electricity and does not generate any kind of noise. The installation is simple and it is not necessary to drill or use special glues, just an Allen key to anchor the barriers to the panels. Furthermore, if necessary, you can dismantle and reassemble it, without causing damages. The system is guaranteed for 25 years. Come and visit the Sunny System, as an installer will give you all the necessary explanations!